Guide to choose right chimney for your Kitchen

Kitchen is a very important part of home where not only food but love is cooked. While we plan to construct house or rennovate, Kitchen is one part we would like to make as beautiful as any other room by installing beautiful and useful appliances. Chimney or as it is called, cooker Hood is more important to keep the kitchen smoke free so that lady of the house doesn’t have to suffocate and the air is healthy for her while she cooks love for the family.

If you like to read long advises, you can keep on reading till the end to understand what are the important aspects while choosing the right chimney. Else, You may decide to Try our chimney selector tool. Still You have a questions, Head to post it as comment below or Ask a Question to Our experts.

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Chimney Size


Majorly Chimneys come in 2 sizes: 60 Cm (24 Inches, 2 Ft or 600 mm) and 90 Cm (36 inches, 3 Ft or 900 mm). However there are other varient available too like 45 Cm (18 inches, 1.5 Ft or 450 cm), 75 cm (30 inches, 2.5 Ft, 750 mm) or 78 cm (31 inches, 2.6 inches, 780mm)

So How much space do you need to keep for chimney?

While mostly chimneys size range from 60/90/45/75/78 – 1/2cms (i.e. 60 cm chimney is actually 58 or 59 cm wide, 90 cm chimney is actually 87 to 89 cm wide) and so on. It is still safe to keep 1-2 cm extra on both side if you are looking to fit it exactly inside the wooden work.

Do not forget to check you like the chimneys which is having a curved glass on top, you may have to look at its setting.


Cleaning period and Cleaning type:-

Filter types:-

  • Filter Less chimneys:-

How to decide for right suction power:-


Duct and pipe size:-


Power consumption:-


Noise levels:-

  • Silent Chimneys:- Check one the completely silent chimney. this needs an outdoor unit to be attached (just like our split ac has one) and actually achieves complete silence.






Which brand is better for your usage:-

  1. Brand Value
  2. Post sales services
  3. Variety
  4. Price

Where to buy from:-



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